Judy was in the Huffington Post! Read her blog post "Why Bragging is Good for Women"! 

Judy featured in a World Bio Markets USA podcast

Judy spoke with Hannah Yates, Research Analyst at Green Power Conferences, about some of the key questions to think about and learn more about at the upcoming World Bio Markets USA meeting in San Francisco, October 29-30, 2013.  Judy will be a speaker in the "Bio-based vs. Petroleum: Competing on Price, Performance and Quality" symposium during the conference.

Check out Judy's podcast to hear her thoughts on 4 key questions: 

  1. What do you think has been the most important development of the past 12 months?
  2. Strategic partnerships are being announced nearly every week – what do you see as the key factors for integrating bio-based chemicals and materials into an existing company’s supply chain? 
  3. What are some key points new star-up ventures need to know when approaching a potential strategic partner?
  4. What do you think will be the biggest topic of conversation at WBM USA 2013?