Judy was in the Huffington Post! Read her blog post "Why Bragging is Good for Women"! 

A Time of Brilliance - HBCU Innovation Summit

Judy was honored to be a speaker at the 2013 HBCU Innovation Summit in Stanford, CA, on October 31, 2013.  Her keynote  presentation entitled "A Time of Brilliance: Solving Global Challenges using both the Lens of Research and the Lens of the Market" discusses the importance of developing innovators along with innovations, and how embracing diversity is critical for success.  There is a personal change process when a researcher elects to take on the additional role of an innovator, and this is simply a new lens, the lens of the market that is added on to the researchers already highly developed lens of research.  Developing a vocabulary and gaining knowledge about the market are the first steps in the process, and this is all highly achievable with the right training.

Download the slides here.