Judy was in the Huffington Post! Read her blog post "Why Bragging is Good for Women"! 

Maximizing Utility and Adoption of Biobased Chemicals

Judy Giordan joined the "Bio-based vs. Petroleum: Competing on Price, Performance and Quality" panel at the 4th Annual World Bio Markets USA conference in San Francisco, CA, on October 30.  Her presentation "Everything but the Squeal: Maximizing Utility and Adoption of Biobased Chemicals" discusses how we need to move beyond simply talking about invention and start thinking about value chains, supply and demand, and scaling the science.  There's a language to innovation and we need to learn it to be successful and really solve the global challenges facing us.

Download the slides here.

Judy featured in a World Bio Markets USA podcast

Judy spoke with Hannah Yates, Research Analyst at Green Power Conferences, about some of the key questions to think about and learn more about at the upcoming World Bio Markets USA meeting in San Francisco, October 29-30, 2013.  Judy will be a speaker in the "Bio-based vs. Petroleum: Competing on Price, Performance and Quality" symposium during the conference.

Check out Judy's podcast to hear her thoughts on 4 key questions: 

  1. What do you think has been the most important development of the past 12 months?
  2. Strategic partnerships are being announced nearly every week – what do you see as the key factors for integrating bio-based chemicals and materials into an existing company’s supply chain? 
  3. What are some key points new star-up ventures need to know when approaching a potential strategic partner?
  4. What do you think will be the biggest topic of conversation at WBM USA 2013?

Judy co-founds the Chemical Angels Network (CaN)

Mark Vreeke, Sid White and Judy have co-founded the Chemical Angel Network (CaN). The Chemical Angel Network focuses on seed and early stage deals that have a substantial chemical sciences aspect. Have a venture you want to share?  Want to become part of the network as an angel?  Please visit www.ChemicalAngels.com and send us your information through our Gust page!  We are already screening and funding deals!

Chemical Angel Network Funds Chemistry Start-Ups

Judy is quoted in the October 22, 2012, Chemical & Engineering News article "Chemical Angel Network Funds Chemistry Start-Ups" by Marc Reisch.

Reisch discusses the recently founded Chemical Angel Network (CaN), which specializes in providing seed capital for chemistry-related start-up companies.  Judy is the co-founder of CaN along with Mark Vreeke and Sid White.  In the article Judy points out that while chemistry is essential for many biotechnology, pharmaceutical and energy-related start-ups, "chemistry is not a buzzword today that people love.”  But the time is right for chemistry-related start-ups, and investing in these will help spur the US economy as well as develop the technology we need for a better future.

Fireside Chat – How Green Is Your Company… and How Do You Tell Your Story?

Judy moderated an ACS Chemical Entrepreneurship Series Webinar on July 19, 2012 titled "Fireside Chat – How Green Is Your Company…and How Do You Tell Your Story?"  Dr. Robert Peoples of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute, and Dr. Karen Buechler of ALD NanoSolutions, were the webinar panelists.  Watch the recorded webinar for more on:

  • What “green” really means for your business…and not just from a “white washing” or  “marketing” perspective!
  • Does “being green” have to be an outward and “in your face” part of your value proposition. Or is it COST and PERFORMANCE that really resonates with customers…not “GREEN”!
  • Does where you play in the value chain matter in “being green”? Or IS IT MARKET DEPENDENT?

Fireside Chat with Entrepreneurs – The Challenges of Scaling a Global Biomaterials Supply Chain

Judy moderated the American Chemical Society (ACS) Entrepreneurship Series webinar on May 3, 2012, "Challenges of Scaling a Global Biomaterials Supply Chain." Dr. Sharon Feng, Bayer Material Science and Mr. Joseph Steig, Natural Composites, Inc. provide their insights on biobased materials and and scaling challenges. Watch the recorded webinar (click above) for more on:

  • Why are bio-based materials important and what are they?
  • How is the supply chain for bio-based materials defined?
  • What are the forces governing it?
  • And what are the challenges facing those technologies that need to scale using bio based materials?

Research to Innovation to Venture: An Education and Venture Development Process... GOAL: Sustainable Materials Commercialization and Innovator Preparation

At the Nanomanufacturing Summit 2011 in Boston, MA, Judy presented "Research to Innovation to Venture: An Education and Venture Development Process... GOAL: Sustainable Materials Commercialization and Innovator Preparation" in the "High Performance Green Nanomaterials for Electronics & Industrial Applications" session.  Judy discusses how education can prepare scientists and engineers to become the innovators needed in today's economy, and that embracing the lens of the market concurrent with the lens of research is the path to realizing innovations.

Download the slides here.