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STEM Women in Innovation and Investing - symposium at American Chemical Society Meeting 9/10

Judy will be moderating the "STEM Women in Innovation and Investing" symposium at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Indianapolis on Tuesday, September 10 in the JW Marriott hotel, Grand Ballroom 7, from 2:00pm-4:30pm. Please join us for what will be a fascinating discussion with our panelists:

  • Kathryn Uhrich, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers University, and Founder, Polymerix Corporation
  • Nicola Pohl, Professor of Chemistry and the Joan and Marvin Carmack Chair in Bioorganic Chemistry, Indiana University Bloomington, and Founder, LuCella Biosciences Inc.
  • Suzette Dutch, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Triathlon Medical Ventures
  • Linda O’Keefe, CFO Consultant, LOK Enterprises
  • Mary Foley Phillips, Associate Director, Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development, Oregon State University

This symposium will be recorded by ACS, so if you're not going to the ACS meeting then please tune back in a couple of weeks to watch the recording!

There are a lot of great innovation and entrepreneurship related events at the ACS meeting - check out the meeting road map developed by the ACS Chemical Entrepreneurship Council! 

Exit Strategies - Financing to the End Game

Judy moderated the panel "Exit Strategies - Financing to the End Game" at the American Chemical Society Entrepreneur Resources Center Entrepreneur Summit at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in March 2013.  The panel featured Dr. Stephen Flaim of Tech Coast Angels, Dr. Scott Lockledge of Fairbridge Venture Partners, and Dr. Edward Greer of the Venture and Business Development Group of the Dow Chemical Company.

Download the slides here.

You can watch the presentation here - this panel begins at 01:04:00 of the video.

Watch live streaming video from acswebinars at livestream.com

Judy co-founds the Chemical Angels Network (CaN)

Mark Vreeke, Sid White and Judy have co-founded the Chemical Angel Network (CaN). The Chemical Angel Network focuses on seed and early stage deals that have a substantial chemical sciences aspect. Have a venture you want to share?  Want to become part of the network as an angel?  Please visit www.ChemicalAngels.com and send us your information through our Gust page!  We are already screening and funding deals!

Chemical Angel Network Funds Chemistry Start-Ups

Judy is quoted in the October 22, 2012, Chemical & Engineering News article "Chemical Angel Network Funds Chemistry Start-Ups" by Marc Reisch.

Reisch discusses the recently founded Chemical Angel Network (CaN), which specializes in providing seed capital for chemistry-related start-up companies.  Judy is the co-founder of CaN along with Mark Vreeke and Sid White.  In the article Judy points out that while chemistry is essential for many biotechnology, pharmaceutical and energy-related start-ups, "chemistry is not a buzzword today that people love.”  But the time is right for chemistry-related start-ups, and investing in these will help spur the US economy as well as develop the technology we need for a better future.

Government Grants for Translating Research to Innovations

Judy moderates the third Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) Innovation Series webinar on September 20, 2012, entitled "Government Grants for Translating Research to Innovations." (Click above to view)

Securing government funding is often an instrumental part of translating laboratory and academic research into large scale innovations and independent business ventures.  A staggering amount of money is made available for precisely this purpose and programs addressing a wide variety of research initiatives are launched every year.  Of course, the process begins with identifying the appropriate grant opportunities and tailoring your proposal for maximum effectiveness by highlighting your potential for innovation.

How should a scientist with an exciting idea begin his or her search for government funding opportunities?  What advice can experts offer on drafting an impactful proposal?  What is the expectation of the role of innovation in large government programs?

Listen to Judy and distinguished panelists Dr. Ilan Gur, Program Director and Senior Advisor for Commercialization, Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), and Dr. Ben Schrag, Program Director, National Science Foundation (NSF), take live audience questions on ARPA-E, SBIR and other government funding options.

Financial Planning, Your Career and YOU: Building Financial Security in an Insecure World

Judy had the pleasure of moderating a great panel at the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA titled "Financial Planning, Your Career and YOU: Building Financial Security in an Insecure World."  Sandra Goodstein, CFP, MSFS, CSFA, Managing Principal of Goodstein & Associates, LLC and Karen McIntyre, CFP, Wealth Counselor for United Capital Private Wealth Counseling were the distinguished panelists.  This panel was part of the programming offered by the ACS Women Chemists Committee (WCC) and co-sponsored by the Association for Women in Science (AWIS).

Download the slides here.

What Researchers Who Want To Be Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Judy was featured in the Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) article "What Researchers Who Want To Be Entrepreneurs Need To Know" by Susan Morrissey on August 20, 2012.

“The activity of commercialization is actually separate from doing science,” explains Ph.D. chemist Judith Giordan, partner at ecosVC, a group that develops and funds start-ups. “The science can be very dispassionate—the reaction either worked or not. But how you sell it and position it and handle it, that’s a completely human endeavor."

Read the whole article here!

Fireside Chat – How Green Is Your Company… and How Do You Tell Your Story?

Judy moderated an ACS Chemical Entrepreneurship Series Webinar on July 19, 2012 titled "Fireside Chat – How Green Is Your Company…and How Do You Tell Your Story?"  Dr. Robert Peoples of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute, and Dr. Karen Buechler of ALD NanoSolutions, were the webinar panelists.  Watch the recorded webinar for more on:

  • What “green” really means for your business…and not just from a “white washing” or  “marketing” perspective!
  • Does “being green” have to be an outward and “in your face” part of your value proposition. Or is it COST and PERFORMANCE that really resonates with customers…not “GREEN”!
  • Does where you play in the value chain matter in “being green”? Or IS IT MARKET DEPENDENT?

Financing your Business: Financing Options and Strategies

Judy Giordan and Joseph Steig spoke at the Fall 2011 American Chemical Society meeting Denver, discussing financing options and strategies for your business.  Raising money is a contact sport, and all sources of funding are NOT equal!  Your credibility is always a key factor in your success!

Download the slides here.